CRS-1 HEMP Seed Pricing starts at $9.90 per Kg, Please Call or Email for Bulk orders. 


Please note:  you must have an active license to grow hemp to purchase this product. This can be obtained from your state governments Department of Agricultural or Primary Industries. 

Please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing this product. 


What is a certified seed and Why do we need certified seed and growing rights from the original seed suppliers

 Certified seed identifies and preserves varieties of seed. Certification forms the basis of our food chain as it is the most reliable method by which to identify specific traits – and particularly in grains and seeds. Certified seed captures plant breeding program benefits. Using certified seed enables manufacturers down the food chain to identify the benefits attributable to each variety of seed. Think of certified seed as being similar to breeding certain bloodlines in animals. This is the reason pet, cattle and horse breeders rely on breeding programs.

It is unfortunate that many people entering the hemp industry do not understand the basis upon which pure seed varieties continue to be ensured as the cornerstone of an industry which has so much incredible potential.

We do not want to see the hemp industry go down the path of those growing marijuana - where everyone develops their own pet “weed” with little or no seed variety identification.

It is very important for Australia to establish and maintain a certified seed growing program. Leawood is working towards the development and monitoring of all seed supplies and their uses by implementing a fully integrated farming, processing, and total food chain system. As the world moves closer to full traceability of all products it is imperative that seed suppliers in the hemp industry follow the lead of countries with decades and centuries of history.