Leawood Hemp seeds are a complete, gluten free, alkaline formatting plant protein with all 10 Essential Amino Acids. These are the highest quality Globulin, Edestin and Albumin proteins, which are great at supporting immune functions for your pets and are free from enzyme inhibitors like nuts, grains and legumes. Our Hemp seeds are nutrient dense, all-natural plant-protein supplement that have an exceptional source of essential fatty acids that are easily digested. Not to mention the great taste, making them a great supplement!

Essential Fatty Acids are essential for your pets tissue growth and help regulate internal functions. They are essential as they are not naturally produced within the body and only obtained through feeding your pet a proper diet that is for growth and body functioning.

Leawood hemp seeds offers an excellent source of protein for your furry friends which rivals many grains, as well as soy and whey.

By Supplementing with Leawood Hemp products to your Equine, Canine and Feline diet you may notice improvements in their:

Immune system, Energy, Digestion, Skin and Coat, Mobility Muscle Health and Cardiovascular Health.