Growing Low THC Hemp under licence in NSW

The introduction of a licensing scheme under the Hemp industry Act 2008 will allow farmers in NSW to grow low THC crops for fibre and oil production while limiting the risk to law enforcement.

It is an offence under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 to possess low THC hemp unless it was cultivated or supplied under authority of the Hemp Industry Act 2008.

Those wishing to grow low-THC hemp should be aware that the environmental assessment and approval process applies to the low-THC hemp industry, in addition to NSW DPI’s licensing requirements. Low THC hemp plant material cannot be fed to livestock.

Commercial production of industrial hemp in Queensland

Industrial hemp may be grown in Queensland under controlled conditions. If you intend to grow or research industrial hemp, you must have a licence. All activities carried out under a licence are also subject to monitoring at the licensee’s expense by inspectors who, among other things, sample plants before harvest to test for THC content.

Western Australia Industrial Hemp Scheme

A person wishing to participate in the industrial hemp industry in Western Australia needs to apply for a licence, usually valid for three years, and will be scrutinized to ensure that they are suitable and eligible to participate in the industry.

Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) is a potentially important crop for Western Australia. Fibre can be extracted from the stem or oil from the seeds. Items manufactured from hemp include textiles, paper, rope, fuel, oil, stockfeed and medicine. 

Producing Industrial Hemp in Tasmania

Tasmanian research data from the Forthside Research Station showed that up to 15 t/ha of dry stem can be produced from one planting. It is also possible to grow two crops in the same season if an early (September) and a late (December) sowing were carried out on the same site. 

Industrial Hemp Victoria

In 1998, Victoria became the first Australian State to pass legislation permitting growers, under licence, to grow industrial hemp.