Leawood Gains ACO Approval !
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Leawood are now proud to say that our Hemp hearts and Hemp oil are now certified organic, under the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) scheme.​More than just a certification, this is a guarantee that Organic Leawood products are:Non-GMOGrown without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilisersCruelty freeCome from a holistic way of farming.  
Get Hyped About Hemp.
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Few people know the difference between these weeds, and it’s important to understand that Hemp was unfairly banned less than 80 years ago! History and diverse studies show that this is a useful plant that nature has provided, sufficient to encourage the growth of a sustainable, eco-friendly and thriving industry.Hemp is NOT marijuanaIndustrial Hemp (IH) has less than 0.3% THC vs. its psychoactive counterpart “Marijuana” which has up to 30% THC. Although they belong to the same family, their genetic diversity makes them distant cousins.Hemp has already been the backbone of truly self-sufficient, sustainable and healthy human civilization. It was the largest domesticated crop from 1,000 B.C. to 1883. It wasn’t until 1937 that the commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the USA created a mass campaign associating hemp with marijuana - “the devil’s grass” - and allied with major industries such as big oil and nylon (du Pont family which started as a gunpowder manufacturer and later expanded into other materials) whose businesses were threatened and jeopardized by the hemp industry – to ban it.It has been cultivated for over 10,000 years, with references dating back to ancient China and Mesopotamia. It has been a highly nutritious source of hemp food, and the fibre has been used functionally throughout history.
Industrial Hemp Crop Thrives at Boolarra
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Written by Michelle Slater as published by Latrobe Valley Express partnership. 
Porsche aims High with Hemp-Bodied Car
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 Porsche’s smoking hot new race car is the world’s first with bodywork built from hemp. The 718 Cayman GT4 club sport features composite doors that use an organic fibre mix derived largely from hemp and flax that take the place of traditional carbon fibre to reinforce a polymer resin. Porsche say the material is similar in weight and stiffness to a traditional carbon fibre composites and that the organic ingredients used are agricultural by products, making it more environmentally friendly.Porsche isn’t the first automaker with this sort of idea, however. Back in 1941 Henry Ford built a prototype with a body made entirely from plastic that reportedly used cellulose from hemp, wheat and soybeans in its construction, although the exact formula has been lost to history. Along with the weight reduction provided by the doors, the stripped-out club sport features a 425 HP 3.8 litre flat-six engine, 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, racing seats, roll cage, fuel cell, racing brakes and suspensions place additional equipment for track us. Two versions are being offered: a 150,000-track day model and a competition version aimed at top-level racing that costs $175,000.​TO READ MORE, PLEASE VISIT THE ORIGINAL AT FOX NEWS.HTTPS://WWW.FOXNEWS.COM/AUTO/PORSCHE-AIMS-HIGH-WITH-HEMP-BODIED-CAR
House, Senate Reach Accord for Legalizing Hemp in Farm Bill
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​The Congressional Budget Office is currently scoring the bill. Once that’s complete and language is officially filed, the Farm Bill will be teed up for up-or-down votes in both chambers of Congress and, pending approval, sent to the president’s desk. Lawmakers are hoping to pass the bill before the end of the year. McConnell has been the chief proponent of the hemp legalization provision. He spoke frequently about the economic benefits of legalizing the lucrative crop and said regulation should be in the purview of the U.S. Department of Agriculture rather than the Justice Department. While the Senate-passed version of the Farm Bill contained the hemp language, the House version was silent on the issue, leaving it up to a bicameral conference committee to settle the issue. Hemp would be defined as all parts of the plant — including seeds and extracts — as long as they contain less than 0.3 percent THC, according to VoteHemp. The crop would also be entirely removed from the Controlled Substances Act under the legislation. States that want to be primary regulators are required to submit applications outlining their regulatory plan to the USDA, which will have 60 days to make a decision. While lawmakers in both chambers spent months negotiating on other aspects of the wide-ranging bill, the hemp legalization provision has enjoyed bipartisan support. “For the first time in nearly a hundred years, commercial hemp production will no longer be federally prohibited in the United States,” National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Political Director Justin Strekal said in a press release. “This represents a significant and long overdue shift in US policy. It remains to be seen whether the final language is any different from the version the Senate approved. In particular, advocates will be watching to see if the conference report contains a provision that would ban people with felony drug convictions from cultivating and selling hemp. This article has been republished from Marijuana Moment under a content syndication agreement.SOURCE from: Chaz Wilder-  EDNRead the​original article: 
Local man aims to put hemp on the menu
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Hemp fields offer a late-season pollen source for stressed bees
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This article was originally written by Susan Milius at Science News 
Hemp taking off as viable product, and Colorado entrepreneurs are at the forefront of industry
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This article was originally written by Jackson Barnett at Denver Post 
PRA Farm Committee Press Release 2018-10-25
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​Promotion and Research Agency could create unique opportunity for Canadian Hemp Producers.The Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC), formally announced on October 13th, 2018 that it is beginning the public hearing process to evaluate the merits of a hemp Promotion and Research Agency (PRA). “This is great news for Canadian hemp growers;” stated Don Dewar of Dauphin, Manitoba who chaired the producer committee that developed the application to establish the hemp PRA.“We started developing the application in the spring of 2017 and submitted the application to the Farm Products Council last October, so were glad to see FPCC moving forward with the review. Our view has always been that a hemp PRA will allow Canadian hemp growers to become a better partner with industry, researchers, provincial and national governments in the identification and delivery of strategic research and promotional programs that will strengthen and grow the Canadian hemp industry;” added Dewar.Unlike provincial commissions or boards which fall under provincial legislation, a PRA falls under the Federal Farm Products Agency Act and it’s the Farm Products Council role to evaluate the merits of an application and make recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture on whether an application should be supported by the Federal Government. Hemp producers evaluated various options to establish a national organization to collect levy’s on production of hemp products and decided the PRA was the best approach. A hemp PRA would give hemp producers an organization that has national scope and allow for efficiencies in the governance of the organization.“We see significant opportunities for growth;” added Larry Marshall an organic hemp grower fromShellbrook, Saskatchewan. “Our traditional seed market is continuing to grow and there is a lot more interest in hemp fibre,” adds Larry. Also, Health Canada’s decision to allow whole plant harvest of industrial hemp for the 2018 crop creates significant new opportunities. “This permission from Health Canada will allow hemp producers to use the 2018 crop to learn more about harvesting, drying and storing whole plant material,” explains Jason Green, head of agriculture for Canopy Growth.“This is an exciting time to be in the hemp business, but like any industry hemp requires investment to reach its full potential;” added Dewar. “A hemp PRA would provide a legal framework to stimulate investment and governance structure to ensure hemp producers have a strong voice in the ongoing development of the hemp industry.”The hemp producer committee encourages interested producers to review the hemp PRA application on the Farm Products Council of Canada web site.
Hemp Promotion and Research Agency: An Important step for Canadian Hemp Producers
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The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) congratulates the hemp producer committee who developed the hemp Promotion and Research Agency application on the decision by the Farm Products Council to evaluate the merits of the application.“Our board has always been very supportive of hemp producers creating a national organization” stated Russ Crawford, President of the CHTA. The CHTA has strong representation and involvement from producers but non-producer members of our organization have shared the view that a hemp PRA will allow Canadian hemp producers to become a better partner with industry, researchers, provincial and national governments in the identification and delivery of strategic research and promotional programs” added Crawford.Like emerging crops of the past, hemp is becoming main stream and truly is a national crop. Our industry is based on the production and sale of hemp foods, fibre and fractions. The traditional food market, based on dehulled hemp seed, hemp seed oil and hemp seed protein, continues to grow and develop in our home market and also in export markets. The fibre market is currently attracting a great deal of investment interest, as the consistent acreage of hemp in Canada has created an opportunity to expand this value-added sector of our industry. With Health Canada’s recent decision to allow whole plant harvest this year, the establishment of a new and growing natural health products industry will grow out of the extraction of cannabidiol (CBD).“We are proud of what we have accomplished but having a strong producer partner in further developing the industry is strategic to our success,” adds Crawford.We wish Canadian hemp producers success in their desire to establish a hemp Promotion and Research Agency.
Huge success at the world vegan day!
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Last Sunday we spent the day at Melbourne Showgrounds, exhibiting at the World Vegan Day! With Hemp being a great source of Omega 3 and 6 as well as being a fantastic vegan protein, we predicted nothing less than success and we were right. Thank you to everyone who came and visited our stand and tasted our new product. We look forward to our next show and will keep you updated with the details. 
Leawood Hemp is the new superfood
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Since hemp became legal for food in Australia last year, it has become a favourite superfood with its outstanding nutrition, flavour and texture. Leawood Hemp is in the forefront of Australian hemp food, producing quality hemp hearts and hemp oil for both retail and commercial customers. Brand manager Karen Seiter said the key to the best organic hemp foods was to start with the best hemp. “The best food-grade hemp is from Canada, so we have combined Canadian genetics with Australian expertise to produce first-class hemp foods,” she said.Ms Seiter said Leawood Hemp Hearts and Hemp Oil were the perfect healthy addition for any meal, from breakfast to dinner, and for delicious snacks. “Hemp Oil makes a brilliant salad dressing, and you can sprinkle Hemp Hearts on spaghetti, mushrooms or lamb cutlets, or blend them into a milkshake,” she said. “They are available in a choice of Premium Chemical Free or Certified Organic, and in several convenient pack sizes including commercial quantities. “They have a lovely nutty flavour – which won’t make you high, but will keep you healthy. “Hemp Hearts are the soft, tasty grain inside the hulled hemp seed, rich in vitamins, amino acids and healthy proteins, and especially Omega 3 and 6. Hemp Oil offers similar benefits, and is packed in a dark glass bottle for freshness.” Ms Seiter said Leawood’s processing techniques were very important to the end product.