As a member of the HempCorp Group, Leawood Hemp is dedicated to the cultivation of a thriving Australian hemp industry that develops hemp for industrial, medicinal and consumptive use, whilst promoting principles of environmental harmony. Since changes to the Australian Food Regulations Act in November 2017, HempCorp has established itself as an industry leader with its farming practices, responsible investing and intuitive research.

Leawood have been farming in Australia for five generations; a family operation contributing largely to the development of Gippsland, Victoria. The pioneer farmers originally harvested timber for infrastructure and to create land suitable for farming and cropping. The current generation of farmers have steered Leawood into hemp agricultural, with a commitment to sustainable farming practices, land regeneration and a vision of an industry created by major alternatives.

Hemp is one of the most versatile and environmentally friendly products that farmers in Australia and worldwide, can produce. It is resilient, compact, and carbon-negative and has thousands of applications, including food and fibre. Leawood Hemp is committed to providing the Australian market with the most advanced product in the field. While currently farming a unique formula of Australian and Canadian seed, Leawood Hemp is making strides to upgrade the agricultural industry as more eco-friendly. Partnering with overseas companies and onshore leading universities, Leawood Hemp is making large investments into research studying which of the hundreds of seed varieties popular in the Northern Hemisphere will be most successful in Australian soil.

Inspired products, based on solid research will see Leawood Hemp distributed to the Australian and New Zealand markets, with plans to export this unique product to Asia and the Americas. The consumable range will include hemp based grains, yoghurts, milk, honey, hummus, drinks including Hempade and the range of hip juices. Leawood Hemp products will be available in major stores Australia wide in 2018 and export markets in 2019.