Hemp Promotion And Research Agency An Important Step For Canadian Hemp Producers

The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) congratulates the hemp producer committee who developed the hemp Promotion and Research Agency application on the decision by the Farm Products Council to evaluate the merits of the application.

 “Our board has always been very supportive of hemp producers creating a national organization” stated Russ Crawford, President of the CHTA. The CHTA has strong representation and involvement from producers but non-producer members of our organization have shared the view that a hemp PRA will allow Canadian hemp producers to become a better partner with industry, researchers, provincial and national governments in the identification and delivery of strategic research and promotional programs” added Crawford.

Like emerging crops of the past, hemp is becoming main stream and truly is a national crop. Our industry is based on the production and sale of hemp foods, fibre and fractions. The traditional food market, based on dehulled hemp seed, hemp seed oil and hemp seed protein, continues to grow and develop in our home market and also in export markets. The fibre market is currently attracting a great deal of investment interest, as the consistent acreage of hemp in Canada has created an opportunity to expand this value-added sector of our industry. With Health Canada’s recent decision to allow whole plant harvest this year, the establishment of a new and growing natural health products industry will grow out of the extraction of cannabidiol (CBD).

“We are proud of what we have accomplished but having a strong producer partner in further developing the industry is strategic to our success,” adds Crawford.

We wish Canadian hemp producers success in their desire to establish a hemp Promotion and Research Agency.